No Archives Message

Launching the ColourComics application shows a message dialog indicating that no archives are present.

A - Add Archives Help
Clicking the Help link opens Safari and loads the ColourComics documentation page.

To add archives to ColourComics:

1) Connect your iOS device to your computer using your Dock Connector to USB cable.
2) Open iTunes on your computer.
3) Select your iOS device from the Devices section on the left side of iTunes.
4) Click the Apps tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

5) Select the ColourComics app, then click the Add button to copy any .cbr, cbz, or .pdf files into the Documents list.

OR use Dropbox to transfer files:

1) Copy the archives to add to ColourComics to your Dropbox account.
2) Open the Dropbox application on the same device as the ColourComics app.
3) Navigate to the location where the archives are stored on your Dropbox account.
4) Download to a file to the local device by selecting it.
5) When downloaded, select the arrow icon from the top menu bar (Send To menu) and choose ColourComics.

List of Comic Archives
A - Sort Button
Displays a popup menu that provides three different sort options for the archives list (see item D below).
The sort options are Alphabetic, Last Read and Date Created with Alphabetic sorted in descending order and both Last Read and Date Created sorted in ascending order.

B - Search Field
The Search field can be used to filter which comic archives are shown in the archives list (see item D below) by matching one or more entered words against archive titles.
If multiple search terms are entered, only archives where both search terms are found in the title (in any order) will be displayed.
Search terms are only applied to the All Archives list (item D) and not the contents of archive folders (see item F below).
For more information on using the Search Field, please see the section below titled "Saved Searches".

C - Add Folder Button
The Add Folder Button can be used to create additional folders that display content matching a specified search in the table view (see item F below).
Please see the section titled "Adding and Deleting Folders" for more information.

D - Archives List
A horizontal scrolling list of archives that have been copied to the ColourComics app.
By default, all archives are displayed in alphabetical order, but the archives displayed can be constrained by searches (see item B above) or sorted by last read or date created order (see item A above).
Selecting an item in the list of archives displays additional information about that item (see item E below).
Tapping a selected item in the list opens that item in the archive viewer (see the section titled "Archive Viewer" for more information).

E - Selected Archive Information
Shows the title of the selected archive in the Archives List (see item D above) if any, along with the date last viewed and the page last viewed.
In addition, a delete button is displayed which allows removal of the selected archive from the device (Please note that the deletion occurs immediately with no prompt to verify the archive should be deleted).

F - Archive Folders
Folders display a list of archives that match the search set when the folder was created (see item C above and the section titled "Adding and Deleting Folders" below).
Any number of folders may be created and they will display in alphabetic order below the main All Archives List (see item D above).
Similar to the Archives List, and Archive Folder is a horizontal scrolling list of archives. Selecting an individual archive displays additional information (title, last viewed date and page) and tapping a selected archive opens it in the Archive Viewer.
A folder may be deleted using the standard iOS row edit gesture swipe right-to-left on the lower part of the folder cell.

G - Archive Folder Search Button
Using the Search Button of an Archive Folder sets the Archives List search (see item D above) to the same search as the Archive Folder.

Saved Search View

Tapping on the Search Field to perform a search displays the Saved Search View.

A - Search Field
Search terms can be entered into the search field. Please note that space separated search terms are searched for individually, so an archive title must have both terms in any sequence to match the search.

B - Saved Search List
Displays a list of previous searches. Tapping an entry in this list automatically performs the selected search and exits from the Saved Search View.

Archive Viewer

When a comic archive is viewed from the Archives List, the Comic Viewer is launched. If the archive is being viewed for the first time, the first page of the comic should be displayed by default (pages are ordered alphabetically by filename). If the comic has been previously viewed, the last page viewed will be the first page displayed.

A - Comic Page Index and Toolbar
A single tap on the displayed comic page will show the Comic Page Index and Toolbar. The index shows an alphabetically sorted list of comic pages in a horizontal scrolling list with the currently displayed page highlighted in the list. Tapping on an unselected page from the list will cause the Comic Viewer to jump to the newly selected page.

B - Comic Page
The Comic Page displays the current page of the comic. The Comic Page zoom level can be changed using a pinch gesture. Moving to the next page (if any) is accomplished with a right-to-left swipe gesture and moving to the previous page is accomplished with a left-to-right swipe gesture. A double tap on the Comic Page changes the page display from fit-image-to-screen mode into use-full-screen-width mode. When in the use-full-screen-width mode, images may exceed the visible area of the screen depending upon the aspect ratio of the image displayed.

C - Done Button
Tapping the Done Button closes the Comic Viewer and returns to the archives list (see section titled "List of Comic Archives" above).